Okay, this downright scares me. When it comes to grocery shopping At Schnuck's, you will always find me in line with an armful of coupons. I consider myself the king of coupons when, but that may soon change.I'll be honest, I get a little upset when I see someone holding up the checkout line at a grocery store, but, I keep my opinion to myself, but there is no excuse for what happened to a woman who was at a check out line at Midwest Kroeger store last Friday.

NewsChannel3 reports that a Memphis area couponing mom, Megan Wilson, was trying to use some coupons, before they were going to expire, and that's when the trouble began. A man approached Wilson and complained that she was holding up the line.

He grabbed my bun pulled me back and smashed me into my cart. When I came to I was on the ground and my leg was under the cart," said  Wilson.

"He started shouting 'Come on, there's other people out here. Nobody has time for this,'" added Wilson.

She said he got upset that she was holding up the line. She told WREG she went back and forth with the man before things got physical.

Megan took to Facebook to describe her ordeal.

This sort of occurrence is absolutely unforgivable. For me, as an avid grocery coupon user, when I go shopping, I will try to go to the self-checkout lanes at Walmart, or Schnuck's, as there is not anyone breathing directly down your back.

A tip for coupon users, I will go to the Schnuck's, as they offer double coupons. If I do have to go in standard checkout lane, and have a larger order, with lots of coupons, I will warn the person getting in line behind me as a courtesy.

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