An employee of a Walgreens store in Peoria, Illinois was hit by eggs by a customer while working behind the counter.

In my job career, I've never worked retail or food service. Sometimes I'm happy about it because it seems like crazy things happen to those employees all the time.

Here's the perfect example.

According to,

"A Walgreens employee was attacked by a man who entered the store and pelted her with eggs, according to a Peoria police report."

Three people, two men and a woman, enter the store. They went to the frozen food section and grabbed a carton of eggs. Then, the three approached the cashier and began throwing the eggs at her. The employee was hit multiple times.

One of the men starting yelling "That’s what you get for snitching!" even though the victim had never met him. She recognized the other man from previously visiting the location.

When the police arrived they discovered broken egg in the clerk's hair and on her arms.

They weren't able to identify the assailants from the security footage. The case is still under investigation.


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