Uber drivers know there are always risks, especially at late hours. It all happened on Friday night in Newport beach California.

NBC News reports that Caban said his passenger was so intoxicated that he couldn't give clear directions, faded in and out of consciousness, swore at him and refused to put on his seat belt.

He knew these kinds of rides often did not end well. Caban told NBC News:

I have lost so much money on people like him, And I'm just done dealing with people like that. They take the food right out of my mouth.

The incident which ended when Caban maced the the unruly passenger

Police identified the passenger as 32 year-old Benjamin Golden of Newport Beach. He has been charged with

  • public intoxication
  • assault

The unruly passenger has been banned by Uber.

Sadly, the Uber driver also said he has quit Uber, as he no longer feels safe.

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