A Janesville hunter had one of the most unusual experiences when he was deer hunting over the weekend, and the entire seven-minute episode was captured on video.

Dan W Hartley of Janesville did what thousands of outdoorsmen and women did this past weekend. He loaded up the truck, put on his hunting gear and went deer hunting. What Hartley did not expect is that his encounter with a deer would go viral to the tune of over 8 million people.

In the video, you never hear a gunshot go off and this young deer is looking for attention. Hmmm...is he playing nice just to avoid the inevitable? This is not how the average deer hunt goes. Watch and let us know what you think.

One person commented: "It seems to me he was begging you for his life. I pray you let him live"

Help us understand what's going on here. Do you know what the deer's real motives were? We also don't know what was the end result.

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