The Veterans' Drop-In Center in Rockford is working on a new location and they will be ready to move in within the next month thanks to a caring community. Location details here. 


The Veteran's Drop-In Center in Rockford received a generous gift of a home at 1539 South 4th Street from the Winnebago Homes Association. Roughly 100 Home Depot volunteers are renovating it for the center.

It's almost like one of those builds you would see on TV with many volunteers remodeling bathrooms, renovating the kitchen and adding wheelchair accessible additions to the home all within 18 days.

Spencer Platt, Getty Images

Right now the drop-in center rents a space on North Court Street and is only open a few hours a day. With this new location, Vet's can drop in anytime throughout the day and not in designated hours which means more Vets can be helped.

According to WREX TV 13 "They really want to expand their hours and help more people. Moving to this location is going to open it up for other veterans who couldn't get to the other side of town and it's going to be a great thing for them, probably to service over 100 a night possibly," said Chad Forrester, a volunteer with Home Depot.

This is just another example of good deeds being conducted everyday in the Stateline area. Thanks to all for the hard work, and thank you always to our Veterans.