The Mega Millions jackpot is tomorrow.

Using these numbers could possibly make you the winner of that $1.6 billion.

The Daily Herald shares that if you want to win that Mega Million Lottery jackpot you need to pick these numbers.

For starters, you need to have the number 1. The number one has been "drawn 18 times." This number has been drawn more times than any other ball in winning jackpots. Since the last Mega Millions jackpot in July, the white ball number 1  has been "been drawn six times.

Next, you need to go with the numbers "2, 28 and 70". These "have appeared 12 times" as the "most frequently drawn balls."

Or, you can choose the numbers "14, 17 and 42" as these "have been drawn 11 times."

As for the gold Mega Ball, the number to use is none other than 1. Yes, 1. As this first and single digit has been "drawn six times in 102 drawings". The next most frequently drawn numbers for the Mega Ball are 9 and 22. Both have been drawn seven times each.

Hopefully, that helps you on your way to becoming a billionaire...

If you do win the jackpot, can you do me a favor?

Would you mind remembering me and float me a few thousand bucks?

Remember "Sharing is Caring".

Good luck!




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