We're at the finish line ladies and gentlemen, can you help The Midwest Rustic remain open? 

A little over a week ago, I brought you this story, about Brianna Zahn and her dream being ripped from underneath her and she was getting ready to close her store in downtown Rockford, The Midwest Rustic. 

But then, the world... ok not the world, but the community of Rockford and surrounding towns, came together and supported Brianna and her store and she is so close to being able to stay open.

When this all started, she needed to raise $10,000 to keep the doors open on E State Street. As I type this, her GoFundMe is at $5,539, with six days left until she needs the money.

Now I'm not sure how this all works, if it's just the GoFundMe, if it's a combo of the sales and donations, but I am sure that so many other local businesses have been coming together to support Brianna and it has been a beautiful thing to watch.

Especially as our country is seemingly falling apart.... back to the positive story, Brianna!

So this is the perfect time to get out there and get shopping!

Why not shop for Christmas already? Stock up on your favorite items now and help not just one store owner for the dozens of small businesses that are housed inside The Midwest Rustic succeed.

If perhaps you're sick like me, and stuck inside... you can also order items from The Midwest Rustic. 

Retail therapy always helps.

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