I saw this list last night for the most unusual High School Team Mascots and had to laugh. My school was on it.  I was a Rochelle Township High School Hub.

I wasn't surprised that it was on the list. What did surprise me were all the other Illinois schools that had strange, obscure and otherwise unusual team mascots.

I cannot count how many times I was asked "What on earth is a Hub?'. Then I had the awkward task of explaining it.

Ok, so my high school's mascot wasn't cool like the Rochelle Panthers, Wildcats or Tigers. We do have a reason we are Hubs. Rochelle back in the day (and even now) was known as the inter-modal hub for transporting goods first with wagons  and now by train.  The reasoning for it is understandable. Rochelle Wagons, Wagon Trains or even just Trains sounds weird.

However, looking through through that list I don't feel so bad. We, my high school and I, share a common bond with other schools. For instance the South Beloit So Bo's. Ok what is exactly does a SoBo look like? Or the Genoa-Kingston Cogs. Cogs are a type of gear and sprocket in a machine.

Did you have a cool high school mascot? Or was yours one of the rather unusual kind of Mascots?