UPDATE: The lock down at Rochelle Township High School has been lifted and here's the reason why it was put into place.

According to the Rochelle News LeaderThe Rochelle Police Department received a call at 9:29 a.m. from the high school with reports of a gun being found in a locker.

Upon police investigation, the weapon in question turned out to be a BB gun.

At this time two male juveniles have been taken into custody and the incident remains under investigation.


The Rochelle Township High School was put into a "soft" lockdown this morning.

Reports are still coming at this time as to why the high school on Flagg road was put into this safety mode of locking all doors to prevent anyone from entering or exiting the high school.

The news broke with the Rochelle News-Leader and was posted on their Facebook page.

At this time there are no details as to what caused the locked down.

In the comments on the Rochelle News-Leader Facebook page. There were several parents stating that they received texts from their children in the school that a student brought a gun to school.

At this time there is nothing confirming that this true.

The high school's Facebook posted the following statement about the lockdown.

It's good to know that no one from students to faculty was harmed and the lockdown was lifted. It's so scary to see this action had to be taken. Especially in light of the Florida shooting just a week ago today.

We will wait to see what news develops from the lockdown at 9:15 am this morning.



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