If there was a National Lampoon's Halloween movie, these homes in Rochelle would be the perfect fit.

Saturday night, my boyfriend spotted the bright glow coming off these homes from 251 while driving over the overpass.  We decided to go check out it out.

Man oh, man did we see a sight. The bright glow was from two homes near the corner of 9th Street and Lakeview about a block west from 251.

I took a few pictures and realized the pictures didn't do it justice so walked along the sidewalk and took video of it. You just have to see it to believe it.

Holy Halloween Batman!

I wonder if they're related to Clark Griswold?

They must really love Halloween, don't ya think? I wonder what they do for Christmas?

I have no idea if these neighbors are in competition with each other or they just love to entertain the neighborhood but either way you need to go see this.

Although the video helps, seeing it in person is way better and really a sight to see.

Make plans to take a little road trip to Rochelle sometime this month before Halloween.





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