If you love ghosts and anything about the paranormal then this is a place you need to check out and visit. It's a haunted piano factory and it's only 45 minutes from Rockford!

Conover Square was a former piano factory built in 1890 in the small town of Oregon, IL. Now days the piano factory is a shopping mall and a museum. But don't let that fool you. This place is know to have a lot of spooky things of the paranormal type happen here.

Haunted Places says that among the ghostly happenings there have been reports of hearing a little girl laughing in the museum and in the hallways. Loud booming and crashing noises have been heard coming from the third floor that is never used and is empty. Women visiting the mall have said that they felt something touch them when in the basement.  Also, there are numerous reports that a man has been spotted in the south hallway and many have heard him laughing.

Woo! Did you just get the chills reading that? I got them just writing that out for you. That is seriously creepy. If you're interested in finding out or more or even experiencing these things and most likely more, then you need to take the scenic drive down Route 2 to get to Oregon to Conover Square.

The store shops in the mall as well as the museum are open everyday except holidays and to hunt the ghost you can do that by appointment.

To learn more about getting a group together for a ghost hunt, because honestly who would do this by their self? (Not me. No way.) Visit conoverghosts.com or their facebook page: Haunted Conover Square Ghost Tours.




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