Over the weekend, the Illinois Senate and House passed measures to increase the income tax each worker in Illinois pays.
The measure is very close to being law, as the Illinois Senate on Tuesday voted to override the veto. It is estimated that the average Illinois family will see an increase of $1200.00 in new taxes annually.

Rockford Area Senators Dave Syverson (R – Rockford) and Tim Bivens (R): Voted NO. However, Sen Steve Stadelman (D Rockford): Voted: YES

Needless to say, social media has not been very kind to our local state reps who voted for the measure, and about 75% of people are very angry about the 32% permanent income tax increase, while about 25% of people support it.

On Sen Steve Stademan's Facebook page, constituents took out their frustrations. Randy Ray wrote:

To bad your scared of Madigan, thought you were going to be for the people like you said in your campaign, voters will remember.

Mr Ray is referring to house speaker Michael Madigan who was the architect behind the tax increase.

The only step that remains is for the Illinois House of representatives to override Governor Rauner's veto. The measure is scheduled to be voted on Thursday in Springfield.

The Rockford area had two house members who voted in favor of the tax increase who will vote on whether or not to override the Governor's veto.

The measure passed the house by a vote of 72-44. That's just one vote more than it needed. If both Rockford area reps were to change their votes when the measure when it goes before the Illinois house on Tuesday, the income tax hike would be dead.

Of course, it would take a lot of convincing by their constituents. If you feel like you need to chime in either way, here is their contact information

Rep Robert Pritchard (R) who represents DeKalb, Boone and Kane Counties. Contact Information HERE

Rep Litesa Wallace (D) who represents portions of Rockford. Contact information HERE.

Keep in mind the vote takes place on Thursday and it may take a lot of convincing, but it's worth a try if you feel strongly enough.

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