Fine, I'll admit it, I can eat pizza every meal.

Well, unless it's frozen pizza. I have yet to find one that I love.

Anyway, lucky for me and you too because we live close to two of the best cities for pizza addicts in America according to a new study.

First off, the pizza in Rockford is spectacular but studies like these only look at the top 100 cities sizewise to come up with their results. I'm fine with that too. I like Rockford pizza being our own thing.

Like a big pizza pie, the U.S. comes in all different styles, toppings, and flavors. One thing we can all agree on is that America loves nothing more than a steaming, cheesy slice of pizza...We looked at the 100 biggest U.S. cities across five key metrics, such as the average cost of a pizza and total pizzerias per 100,000 residents.

For obvious reasons, Chicago is the second most pizza addicted city in America (behind New York City), but did you know Madison, Wisconsin came in at #30 ahead of Portland, Oregon, Phoenix, Arizona, and Washington D.C.?

I've never had pizza in Madison but Yelp says Salvatore's Tomato Pies, and Pizza Brutta are two of the best while in Chicago the popular review site says Craft Pizza and Pizza Friendly Pizza are tops in The Windy City.

Like I mentioned earlier, Rockford didn't make the list but tell me, if you could only pick one city for the rest of your life to get pizza from, would it be Chicago, Madison, or Rockford?

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10 Reasons Why Rockford Pizza Is The Best Pizza

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