What should you invest in this year? Stocks? Bonds? Gold? Or Legos? It might actually be Legos.

I grew up in Beanie Baby land. I mean, I grew up in Schaumburg, which technically has a Legoland... but my point is, I grew up in a time when you spend ever $5 (and later $5.95) on Beanie Baby stuffed animals. Why? Because someone told you they would be worth a lot someday.

While some people still believe that's a possibility, most of us just have boxes full of Beanie Babies at our parents house taking up space.

If we were smart, we would've bought Legos instead.

According to a CNN article shared with WIFR here in Rockford, a new study out of Russia checked the rate of return on Legos vs. the rate of return on gold or art and the findings showed that Legos were the smarter purchase.

They noted retired Lego sets that were sold on secondary markets saw prices rises close to 11% annually.

Apparently that's more than gold, stocks or bonds.

My brothers both had Lego sets but I'm not sure they're quite intact for resale, I think they're just in one huge box of blocks that may or may not in my nephews' hands now.

But maybe parents reading this want to stock up on current Lego sets and save them for a later date to sell?

PS: Beanie Baby collectors... I had the BEST time 'auctioning' my beanies off to my nieces and nephews one summer. I let them each draft a beanie team. Not sure it was worth the hundreds of dollars I spent on them originally, but it was fun.

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