Before I dish the bad news about the weather situation moving into Northern Illinois this evening let me say first, we won't see more snow falling....but the snow we already have on the ground is about to cause some major problems.

A Winter Weather Advisory Goes Into Effect This Evening at 9 p.m.

Ever since we moved to Pecatonica a few months ago, I have been dreading this news. Driving in snow and ice always scares me, but now that I have to drive in it on rural roads to get to work really has my anxiety levels rising, and it looks like tomorrow morning will be my first experience with rural winter driving.

All local meteorologists agree high winds will once again be hitting Northern Illinois later tonight, but thanks to all the light snow we have on the ground these high winds will affect travel conditions far more than a couple of weeks ago.

Let's start with what the National Weather Service in Chicago is saying...


Eyewitness News Meteorologist Joe Marino agrees...

Single-digit temperatures and high winds are never a fun thing to endure, but when blowing snow begins to cover roads that are already snow-packed and icy in spots from our last winter weather go-round, we've got seriously hazardous road conditions on our hands.

Obviously, this weather will affect the rural, open areas in the Stateline more than the streets of Rockford, but everyone should probably factor some extra drive time into your commutes later tonight and through tomorrow. Be safe!

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