Sheboygan, Wi isn't exactly a "creepy" sounding town. Monroe sounds more like a crazy persons town, but Sheboygan?

The Sheboygan County Hospital for the Insane was built back in 1876. A larger facility was built in 1882, and after years and years of changes it finally closed in 1940. The Sheboygan County Comprehensive Health Care Center was opened in 1940 and was in business until 2002. This is where the haunting became a thing, hang on tight.

There are in fact tours available of the former insane asylum location, which is about two hours from Rockford. You can take tours through August 22nd. CLICK HERE

Here is a description of the tour:

Please note these are guided tours with 15 people in a group. You have to stay with the group and not wander all over or you will be the ghost making the noise. Tickets available on this page. Every spot will recieve an autographed copy of our new book coming out in May featuring the Asylum, Villisca Axe Murder House, Shakers Bar, Whispers Estate and many more. Pictures are allowed in select areas but no video per the owners request. 


This tour and the facility is a BIG deal and comes at a BIG price. Tickets are $65. For the dates that are sold out, here is a pretty random video of a "guided tour."

Check out this video tour:

The play by play is worth the 10:49 of time. There's the farm land that it's on, and the area where they would let the clinically insane wonder like cattle.

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