If you are currently searching for a job, and consider yourself to be a highly motivated, passionate, and creative person, that's awesome, but don't let future employers know that. Say what?

You are probably thinking, "what is she talking about? She must really be off her rocker this time!" Truth is, I'm not.

LinkedIn, which bills itself as the world's largest professional network, claims that words like creative, motivated, and passionate may perfectly describe you and your work ethic, but everyone else thinks that way too. Meaning, every job applicant uses these kinds of "buzzwords" so they lose their specialness in the eyes of employers.

According to LinkedIn, here's the top ten words and phrases not to use when looking for employment:

  1. Motivated
  2. Passionate
  3. Creative
  4. Driven
  5. Extensive experience
  6. Responsible
  7. Strategic
  8. Track record
  9. Organizational
  10. Expert

While you're at it, stay away from things like "problem-solving,"  "dynamic," and "innovative" too. Great. What the heck are we supposed to say now? LinkedIn suggests simply sticking to your accomplishments and giving examples of just how talented you really are.

Hope this advice helps, now go rock that interview!