If you thought it was extremely windy on Tuesday, you are right. The official numbers are in.

Okay, it wasn't quite as bad as it was for this guy, but for anyone who ventured outside on Tuesday, knows how unusually windy it was. The brisk winds started late in the morning on Tuesday and ended shortly before midnight. The winds peaked late in the afternoon.

Here are the Top 5 Peak wind gusts reported by the National Weather Service Office in Chicago.

1. Winnebago 53 MPH at 4:17 pm (tie)
1. Rochelle 53 mph at 5:55 pm (tie)
2. Rockford (Chicago Rockford Airport) 52 mph at 4:18 pm
3. DeKalb 51 mph at 2:15 pm
4. Sycamore 49 mph at 4:28 pm
5. Pecatonica 47 mph at 4:55pm

NWS Weather Graphic

Check out the full list HERE.