We all have bad days and get frustrated, but I truly cannot understand why some people feel they have the right to take their bad day out on innocent strangers. Too much of this rude nonsense is going on in our world these days, whether it be on social media or face to face, and I am OVER IT.

What happened to people just being kind to one another?

We might not be able to change the bad behavior of other people, but we certainly don't have to stand for it, and one Wisconsin business owner finally said enough is enough last week.

Wisconsin Restaurants Temporarily Closes Due to Rude Customers

Skinny Vic's Diner & Coffee Stop in West Bend, Wisconsin recently went viral for this very sad note they posted on their doors on March 13, 2022...

Skinny Vic's Diner & Coffee Stop via Facebook
Skinny Vic's Diner & Coffee Stop via Facebook

Skinny Vic's closure was only temporary, but the message it represents is anything but temporary. Vicki Lehnerz, owner of Skinny Vic's Diner & Coffee Stop recently told WISN in Milwaukee;

It makes me want to cry. It's more than disappointing, it's devastating. I still gotta pay rent. I can't just close my doors, but at the same time, I felt it was extremely important

What Vicki Lehnerz is trying to demonstrate is extremely important. It is not a business' fault they are short-staffed, they are exhaustingly trying to hire staff members. It's most certainly not the employees' fault no one else wants to come to work, so why are you being rude to them over something they can't control?

All this madness needs to stop, and this message from Vicki Lehnerz may help you better understand what so many workers are going through right now, especially in the service industry.

PLEASE be kind to one another. It's not that hard to do.

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