In honor of the Totally Retro Prom tomorrow night at Giovanni's, Steve and I have dug out our old senior prom pics.Here's us circa now. You like our version of the "prom pose?"

Here's Steve Summers circa 1977. This is sooo very good.

I especially like this pose.

Now me circa 1997. Apparently I have a thing for white dresses, but why did I choose this boring dress for Prom? I think I will blame it on my Mother. She picked it out.

I must have been channeling my future wedding dress. At least this one has more bling.

Come re-live some prom memories with us tomorrow night, it's gonna be like, totally rad dude!  Plus, you will have some awesome pictures to show, so be sure to share them with us! Get your tickets online now here. You only have til midnight to get them for $20, else you can get them at the door tomorrow night at Giovanni's for $25.