We've got Mother's Day and Father's Day, but we don't really take a day to celebrate Mom and Dad together as a team. Good thing today is National Mom's and Dad's Day. Let's take a moment to celebrate two of the most important people in our lives.

In the spirit of throwback Thursday, the celebration is simple. Just post your favorite family pics, or pics of your parents together. Share them socially, and surprise them with something special today if you can.

I'll start.

I have an amazing relationship with my parents, and I am SO thankful for that. My parents are still married, and we have a very happy family. I know this is rare, and I count my blessings every day for this. They have sacrificed so much for my brother and I, and are always there to support us with whatever we need. My Mom even retired so she could watch her grandkids while we all work. Again, I am super lucky and incredibly blessed.

We recently had amazing family photos taken, so please allow me to show you pics of some of my very favorite people on Earth.

Laura Hamp Photography photo
Laura Hamp Photography photo

I am including this only because my Mom will cringe, and I want to know where she got that sweet, sweet sweater so I can wear it to my next ugly Christmas sweater party.

Love you Mom and Dad! Thank you for being so amazing and showing me what love is really all about!