Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday
I should probably re-word that title to "my favorite pictures", because I'm not too sure Steve Summers will agree with the top 10 list I have chosen. Let's find out...
Throwback Thursday
I'm sure at some point over the next few days you will share your favorite pics of you and your Mom on social media, but Moms, let's do something a little different this year.
Happy 80th Birthday, Elvis!
Today would have been Elvis Presley's 80th birthday, and since we can't be in Memphis for the big Graceland celebration, we thought a trip down our Elvis memory lane would be kinda fun.
Throwback Thursday
I love looking at old pictures, especially when they prove just how awesome this community is when we all work together to do something good! So, for this Throwback Thursday I thought we'd share a few of our favorites from our toy drive past.
Time to Celebrate Mom AND Dad Together!
We've got Mother's Day and Father's Day, but we don't really take a day to celebrate Mom and Dad together as a team. Good thing today is National Mom's and Dad's Day. Let's take a moment to celebrate two of the most important people in our lives.
Throwback Thursday; 1994
Why 1994 you ask? October 4, 1994 is the day Steve Summers started doing mornings on Q98.5. He told me he started the show with the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Not because he was gonna suck it up, but because he came to mornings to "clean up" in the ratings. Something he has been do…

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