I'm sure at some point over the next few days you will share your favorite pics of you and your Mom on social media, but Moms, let's do something a little different this year. 

Let's all share a picture of the first time we met our child and officially became a Mom.

Of all the pictures I have taken with Ella in the last 18 months, this is still my favorite. It's not the prettiest pic I've ever seen, but I will never forget how I felt the moment it was taken.

I had been a rough 2 days of induction/labor which resulted in an unplanned C-section. The doctors had to give me extra anesthesia for the procedure due to the fact that the first epidural I had didn't take. It went fast, my vision was quite blurry and unfocused when they brought her to me, but I remember thinking, "My God, she is beautiful! How did that seriously come out of me?"

Shannon Zimmerman, Townsquare Media


As all Moms know, the moment you first see the face you have been waiting 9 plus months or a whole lifetime to see, it is absolutely surreal. Even if you have been to hell and back, it's all forgotten at this exact moment.

It's impossible to forget the moments and the people that change our lives forever. That's the good stuff that really matters.

Share your pics, because I can't wait to see them! Happy Mother's Day, ya'll!