In honor of Memorial Day, Steve Summers and I dug out some old pics of us doing all American/summer fun things for this Throwback Thursday.

First off, we have an all-American Pom Girl. Seriously, I did win that title my junior and senior year of high school. LOL!

Here's an all-American cowboy, or as I call it, little Beaver on a pony. So cute!

No summer celebration is complete without drinking beer at a backyard BBQ. Apparently I enjoyed that pastime with my Grandpa at a very early age.


In high school I spent every weekend at the cabin, and of course I had to sport the red, white, and blue.

Maybe you don't know that Summers started the idea of a Redneck Yacht Club. I hope he still has these shades, they are back in style!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, and that you take a moment to honor a vet. Without them, we wouldn't be free to enjoy all this summer fun!

See you Saturday at the Young at Heart Festival in Loves Park for Q98.5 day with Phil Vassar at 10pm! Stop by, say hi, and do me one small favor if you could? It's my husband Spencer's Birthday on Saturday and he will be there too, so when you come by wish him a Happy Birthday. It will totally embarrass him, and that will be awesome! Thanks bunches.