Thomas Rhett's debut album, 'It Goes Like This,' was released last October. The record, which hit No. 2 on the charts, spawned two Top 20 hits, with two of the singles, the title track and 'Get Me Some of That,' going all the way to No. 1. And while it might be easiest -- and safest -- to repeat the formula for that project as he works on his sophomore album, he says that thought never crossed his mind.

"It's going to be very different," Rhett tells Broadway at Country 92.5. "There's definitely going to be aspects of the second album that are going to correlate with the first album, but we're going to push it farther, really production-wise and lyrically and melodically."

The singer-songwriter, who wrote eight of the 12 tracks on his freshman album, says he is trying to make the final selection of songs for the new record.

"We've been in the studio already this year, and we're excited," he notes. "Being a songwriter, you write songs throughout the whole year, so we're kind of at that point -- we've got like 50 songs that we're trying to choose from, so for us right now, we're just trying to narrow down what are the must-haves for the record."

Rhett admits that, while it's a good problem to have, it also forces him to make some difficult decisions.

"It's stressful at the same time, because you never know what 12 or 13 songs are going to make the record," he concedes. "I write with such a variety of people that between the people I write with, there's never really a shortage of ideas, or a shortage of melodies, and I feel like I write with really good people ...  But I'm always amazed, every day, I walk into the writer's room, and I'm like, 'Man that's a great title,' or a great idea or a great melody, so I'm just blessed to write with great songwriters."

Rhett says his new album will be available early next year. Meanwhile, the singer-songwriter will have to finish most of the album on the road. He's currently serving as the opening act on Miranda Lambert's Platinum Tour and will also perform several headlining shows over the next few months. See all of his upcoming concerts here.

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