Bear fans might want to enjoy one of the last times they can revel in their rivals misery.

NOTE: Schadenfreude (def.) - pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune

Full disclosure, I'm a Bears fan. I'm 42 years old and have never really known what it was like to root for a dominant team. The Bears had a decent run during the Lovie Smith era, but I rarely ever felt like the Bears were in the top tier of NFL teams.

As a result, I have very low expectations for the Bears. My default response to pretty much every Bears loss in my lifetime is "Sounds about right." Even this one:

It's just part of what it means to be a Bears fan, you're probably not going to win.

Which kind of makes me surprised that Packer fans had such a hard time accepting their loss to the 49ers in the playoffs. That's what the Packers do. They beat the Bears in the regular season, usually handily, and then they get a high seed in the playoffs and eventually lose.

It's the main thesis for another Bears-Packers post I wrote.

Nonetheless, Packer fans all over cheese land were despondent after Robbie Gould tore their hearts out on a Saturday night.

I'm not familiar with the YouTube channel KayArmenTV, but I sincerely thank them for putting together this montage of Packer fans losing their minds in front of a TV with mocking loved ones watching on. WARNING: Some NSFW salty Packer language in this video.

My only gripe with this video is that it starts off pretty slow. The first guy is a bore and the second one is obviously fake/staged. The rest of them seem pretty legit and made me spend (waste) 17 minutes at my desk reveling in their misery.

Could this be the last time Bear fans get to feel this way? Could be. It could be argued that the Bears might be in a better position right now to have the more successful following decade. Now, I'm sure they'll mess it up but it also looks like the Packers might be interested in joining the Bears on the Wheel of Ineptitude.

We'll have to wait and see how it plays out but in the meantime, enjoy these Packer tears while you can.

P.S. Sorry Packer fans, there's nothing you can say to us to make us feel bad about the Bears. We know they're bad, we've been there the whole time.

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