This morning I witnessed something pretty shall we say "ballsy" yet very dangerous of a driver when sitting at a red light..

Honestly, I think this spot should be added to Rockford's Worst Intersection list.

Back in 2010 WIFR released a report on the worst intersections in Rockford that are prone for accidents.

At that time they found over 20 hot spots in Rockford that were known for terrible accidents.

"Dangerous Intersections Rankings [according to WIFR]"

No. 1 Spot
State and Perryville

No. 2 Spot
Alpine and East State
South Main and U.S. 20
Forest Hills and Illinois Route 173

No. 3 Spot
Forest Hills and Illinois Route 251
Harlem and Illinois Route 251
State and Summit
State and Mulford
Alpine and Center Terrace
Phelps and State

However, today the intersection at Sandy Hollow Road and Mulford Road opened my eyes to some very careless and reckless driving.

Google Instant Street view
Google Instant Street view

As a driver in a white compact car (it might of been a Toyota, not sure) came zooming up from behind me as I was heading North on Mulford and waiting at the red light light. They cut over into the right hand lane, turned into the the unfinished portion of the Sandy Hollow extension, speed around that slight semi-circle then shot out the other turn lane to cut off drivers turning North on Mulford Road from Sandy Hollow.

I was talking on the phone to my friend Eric at the time I saw this happen. I gasped and couldn't believe I was actually seeing this happen. My friend asked me what was wrong. I told him what i just saw. His response was "No body can be in that big of hurry." I said "Well Apparently, that person was."

I'm serious, I was in shock and aw at what just happened. I'm so grateful that no one was hurt.

Where else have you seen near miss accidents but in areas that are becoming problematic for traffic accidents?




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