Drive sober or get pulled over. Please keep that message in the back of your mind as you hit the roadways this Labor Day weekend.

As they do most holiday weekends, local enforcement patrols will amp up their presence on roadways looking for impaired drivers. Please, for the love of all things holy, don't be one of them. Don't be like the person responsible for injuring a Rockton Police officer earlier this week...


Obviously having someone this drunk behind the wheel is a huge problem, but I think there is an even bigger message at play here.

Drunk or not, no car should be close enough to a patrol car on the side of the road for a situation like this to happen! I know drunk people don't make good decisions, but too often officers are getting hurt or killed on the side of the road by irresponsible drivers, and it's infuriating. There is nothing more important than another person's life. No call, text, appointment or place is more important. PLEASE remember that next time you put the car in drive.

And, for those that like to skate the line of what qualifies are too drunk to drive, just remember, buzzed driving is still drunk driving and local enforcement are not playing around.

That's enough preaching for me in one day, please be safe and have a great Labor Day weekend, everybody!

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