Earlier this week Officers from the Rockton Police Department responded to a possible domestic disturbance call only to discover the problem wasn't caused by a human at all.

Disturbing Police Incidents

I may not be a police officer, but I'm pretty sure they all respond to some pretty weird incidents during their time in service because people do some pretty strange things.

I'm also assuming every call that comes into any police department is taken seriously and handled with respect, especially when it involves a potential domestic disturbance. But what happens when the person creating the disturbance is not a human at all?

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A Feathery Surprise For Rockton Police Officers

On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, Rockton Police Department Officers responded to a possible domestic disturbance at a residential home, but what they discovered upon arriving was anything but what they were expecting...

Now, I don't know much about birds or parrots, but I do know Cockatoos are one of the most talkative, smart, and playful birds you can have as a pet.

Cockatoos may be LOUD, but they are also very sociable and will even cuddle with their owners if they're in the mood. So, what happened to this specific cockatoo in Rockton that got his feathers so ruffled? We may never know the answer, but commenters on Facebook had some pretty funny things to say about it...

One man jokingly said;

How long will the bird be caged up?

Another man said;

Is she now a jailbird?

and a woman said;

I used to house sit for someone who had a cockatoo like that one. He would scream like a woman being beaten.

I guess now we kind of have our answer.

Seriously though, Rockton Police Department, WHAT DID THE BIRD REALLY SAY?!? We are all dying to know!

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