Dickey's Barbecue Pit in Rockford just rose a few notches on my "love it" list today.

Yes, their food is delicious and would be the perfect thing to put on your menu this Labor Day weekend, BUT my appreciation for the restaurant just rose due to a scary situation that happened at their location on South Perryville Road yesterday.

On Thursday afternoon, a car drove through the front windows of their restaurant, and this is the picture Dickey's shared on Facebook...

Scary stuff, huh?

Before I tell you exactly why I like that post so much, let me first state that thankfully no one was hurt during the incident, and the cause of the crash is still unknown at this point.

Now for why I appreciate the post so much...did you pay attention to the status that Dickey's posted with the picture? It said simply, "We will be open during our remodeling". That, my friends, is the perfect example of turning lemons into lemonade in my humble opinion.

There was no complaining about the bummer hand they were just dealt, just a simple statement attempting to make light of a crappy situation.

Obviously, Dickey's could use our support move than every right now, so please consider ordering some of their delciousness for your festivities this weekend. Delivery, curbside pickup and even catering are available in Rockford, so you better go get you some today!

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