After analyzing these parking spaces, we'll just walk to this lot next time.

Which we really could do here at the ZOK station because this is the parking lot in the Edgebrook Center which isn't too far away.

More specifically, these are the spaces closest to Anytime Fitness.

But the question is, are they both handicap parking spaces? Or is it just the first one?

I have parked in the second space before, gotten out of my car, walked ten feet away, looked at the pavement again and gone back to my car to move it to a farther away space.


It's confusing, right? And it makes you feel guilty because you don't want to park in the spot if you're not supposed to, but sometimes it's the only close spot left in the lot.

Which makes sense because everyone else is probably scared to park there, too.

And it's a very pricey ticket if you are caught parking in a handicap accessible parking spot when you're not supposed to be there, so can someone help me out?

Is the second spot ok to park in? Or maybe someone should just repaint the parking spot lines, because even if there wasn't a question of handicap or not, that looks pretty messy.

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