Chicago, Illinois has been named the worst city for parking in the entire United States, but these 10 photos prove all of Illinois sucks when it comes to parking.

Worst City for Parking in the United States

I recently came across another article that painted Chicago, Illinois in a not so pretty light. It was from the mechanical parking machine company Harding Steel who named Chicago as the worst city for parking in the entire United States.

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Is traffic crazy and parking terrible in Chicago? Absolutely, but the city earned the top spot primarily due to its ridiculously high prices for parking. The Harding Steel article said;

Chicago has a long-standing reputation as having some of the highest parking fees in the nation. In downtown Chicago, monthly parking rates can easily surpass hundreds of dollars. Due to the city’s notorious traffic congestion problems, Chicago residents and visitors continuously grapple with the parking crisis. Additionally, Chicago’s public transportation system isn’t as efficient as other cities, which leaves many residents reliant on their own vehicles.

Now that we've established it's super pricey and nerve-wracking to find parking in Chicago, let's get to the real parking problems throughout Illinois.

10 Photos That Prove Illinoisans Can't Park

Today I discovered a Facebook page that made me laugh and roll my eyes all at the same time; it's called Parking Pricks of the Midwest. (The title alone made me LOL).

At some point in our driving lives we all make questionable parking choices, but I feel safe saying I have never made a choice as poo as the ones I am about to show you.

Here are 10 photos people throughout Illinois have taken and submitted IN THE LAST 7 DAYS to Parking Pricks of the Midwest. Please note how many of them were taken very close to home...

And here I thought not pulling up far enough in a parking space was the biggest  mistake I could make.

Who the heck do those horrible parkers think they are?!? Ridiculous.

Have you spotted a horrible parker in Illinois? Please show us your pics on the app!

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