From starting wildfires, to injuring people, gender reveals seem to be the opposite of the sweet moment they're supposed to be. I mean... come on...

You'd think by now people would learn to tone down the whole thing so that accidents don't happen. Well, this new gender reveal trend most likely won't cause injuries, but I have some questions. So what's the latest?


Maybe it's just me, but that looks nasty. What makes it blue or pink? They dye the cheese with food coloring. The New York Post details -

For $140, you and your family can revel in the perceived gender-identity of your unborn fetus with a surprise announcement dictated by food-colored cheese in a layered meat casserole. Worried about the carbs? The package also comes with a salad of your choice — garden, Caesar or Greek. This dish from hell serves 12 people, including expectant mothers and their growing babies.

Well, let's state the obvious. It doesn't look too appetizing. But I guess that's not really the point. In my opinion people should stick to the whole pink or blue cake thing. Just saying. For all the details and to check out the website of the company offering the dish.

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