I love watching these videos. They can be so epic and entertaining. This one had me on the edge of my seat the whole time wondering if it could get even wilder. It did not disappoint.

The video begins with the expecting couple describing a trip they took together. Stopping at various places and making wishes.

Little did they know the wishes would come true. Each one of them. The good news is they pretty much stuck to the point and there is nothing crazy going on.

My cousin didn't get that memo.

He and my cousin in law (Lida) got together to produce one of the most epic and confusing videos you'll ever see. You find yourself asking, "What am I watching?" and "What is going on?" The weird part is you can't stop watching.

If I ever have kids, I want to make some kind of crazy creative video to show the world.

Thomas Pappas has always been very smart, creative, and insane. I love him to death and this is why....






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