In Illinois, a woman's baby is also her granddaughter.

I think it started in college. There was nothing on television during the day in between classes, so I started watching soap operas and sleazy talk shows. So yeah, I watched "Days Of Our Lives" and "Jerry Springer" every day. I'm not proud but we all have our moments.

The guests on Springer got crazier and crazier every week. When I found out they taped the show in Chicago, I got excited. I always wanted to go check it out in person but for some strange reason, I never did.

As soon as I saw the headline of this article, that old "Springer" mode kicked in. I immediately started chanting "Jerry, Jerry" to myself in my head. Also, a big Maury Povich style, "You are not the grandmother."

When I started reading it, I remembered to not judge a book by its cover. Thankfully, this is nothing like an episode of "Springer." It's actually a very happy moment.

According to,

"A woman in Illinois pulled double duty when she gave birth earlier this month. In addition to delivering the child, Julie Loving is also the baby’s grandmother. She was a gestational surrogate for her daughter, Breanna Lockwood, who was told by doctors that her “uterus was incapable of growing a child.”

To add to this amazing event, the grandmother, who gave birth, was 51 and had undergone menopause.

Congrats to the happy family.

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