From what the police saw at the scene to what the alleged killer said about why he strangled his grandmother; everything about this case is disturbing.

You know those crimes you read about that make you feel something for the investigating officers? The crimes where you can't imagine how those law enforcement officers can possibly put it aside so they can sleep? To me, this is one of those crimes.

A Wisconsin man, 37-year-old Jamie Beggs, has been officially charged with first-degree intentional homicide after he allegedly strangled his grandmother to try and save her soul.

Rock County, Wisconsin Deputy, Viengkhone Nouanasacky, descirbed a very gruesome scene at a home on Mineral Point Road in the town of Center on the morning of June 14.

They found Jamie Beggs holding his head in his hands and saying

“the demons are in my head.”

The condition in which they found Beggs' grandmother is the thing I can't get out of my head. They found Kathleen Beggs, 97, on the floor in the garage, lying in a pool of dried blood with a plastic bag wrapped around her head, according to the Deputy Nouanasacky's complaint.

Authorities determined her cause of death to be sharp force injury to the neck and strangulation.

Rock County Police
Rock County Police

After being taken into custody, Jamie Beggs refused to talk about what happened until his lawyer was present. That immediately changed when investigators said this would now be a homicide case.

What came out of Beggs' mouth next is so disturbing:

“There’s no homicide,” Beggs allegedly told police. “It’s a martyr, man. She’s a saint, man, she’s a f***ing saint. She’s a saint now. She got her f***ing sainthood, man. I saved her f***ing soul. Really? And now you’re going to charge me with murder?”

Beggs is already a convicted felon with a dozen additional criminal convictions.

Bail was set at $100,000.

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According to, a hearing takes place next week to determine if there’s enough evidence to force Beggs to face trial. If convicted, Beggs could get life in prison.

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