Poor Queen Elsa. She, along with the movie 'Frozen,' are certainly taking a lot of blame for this harsh winter. Even if you haven't been stuck indoors for consecutive snow days with your children, I think any parent with a 'Frozen' addict in their home will relate to this.

My daughter is still too young for the 'Frozen' obsession, but this video made me laugh hard when I saw it.

My goodness, I'm still laughing. Her facial expressions just do me in, especially at the end. Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy 'Frozen' too, but I believe that would be me if I had to watch it over and over for days on end. It's kinda how I feel about the song below. I am ashamed to admit that I downloaded the song on iTunes, and now I have to listen to it multiple times a day. I used to think it was cute, and loved to watch Ella dance around to it. Those days are gone.


For the record, I still think Elmo is adorable, even if his song stinks.