Lake Michigan’s Giant Frozen Ice Chunks Are Beautifully Intimidating
What's your biggest fear? One of mine is large bodies of water. That DEFINITELY includes Lake Michigan. From oceans, to lakes, to pools, I'm much more comfortable staying dry. Everyone always says I'm dramatic, but am I?
Sure Lake Michigan on a normal day might not look that intimidati…
This Mom is DONE with 'Frozen'
Poor Queen Elsa. She, along with the movie 'Frozen,' are certainly taking a lot of blame for this harsh winter. Even if you haven't been stuck indoors for consecutive snow days with your children, I think any parent with a 'Frozen' addict in their home will relate to this.
Director Apologizes
Anyone who has been a conscious consumer of any type of media within the past year is undoubtedly aware of the immensely popular animated Disney film ‘Frozen.’

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