This card does two things. It's proof we're all in the same self-isolated boat and it's an example of how we should be helping our neighbor.

A man named Jonny, from Falmouth, England shared a card his wife made on Twitter. The tweet went viral and the card is now known around the world as the "Kindness Postcard."

The card has text at the top that reads, "Hello! If you are self-isolating, I can help." Below, you (the friendly concerned neighbor) would fill in your name and number, and mark ways you can help them in the isolated endeavors. Things like shopping, getting urgent supplies, a simple phone call, and more. There's also an educational coronavirus footnote at the bottom of the card.

Simply print out this card, fill it out, and leave it in your neighbor's screen door, drop it in the mailbox (just don't steal their mail), or leave it where it is noticeable.

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