If you have a Chicago Blackhawks fan in your life then you have to get them this for Christmas.

I'm telling you it will be the their best gift ever.

Not to mention a collector's item one day.

Plus, the cool thing is proceeds for buying said gift will go to a good cause.

Ok so now you're wondering what is this must have Blackhawks thing?

It's none other than the Jonathan Towes toaster or rather Towes-ter.

Yes this is a real thing.

I know Captain Serious makes a funny video and it almost seems to be a fake product, but it is honest to God real.

The Towes-ter Toaster will burn a picture of Jonathan Towes face into your bread is available for purchase this Monday, November 20th by going to this website: comingsoon.giveatoast.ca.

Right now you can enter your e-mail to get notifications when the toasters will go on sale. The proceeds for the purchase of these novelty toasters go back to "Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Charities, which helps give kids a chance to participate in sports."(WGN)

Not only can hockey fans purchase the Towes-ter but there's also specialty toaster of "NHL Legend Wayne Gretzky along with defending NHL MVP Connor McDavid."  

Maybe I'm weird but I think this is so cool.

You know my sister's birthday is November 20th and she's a huge Blackhawks fan like me. Are you thinking what i'm thinking? Yep I think I can cross a gift off my list.

Thanks Jonathan Towes for your totally awesome Toews-ter toaster.



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