For the National Anthem, the Chicago Blackhawks are recruiting pets.

Sports Were Missed

Think about sports a year ago. There was not any. For our fix, we were watching "The Last Dance," the documentary about Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. It was a tough time for athletes and fans.

Fans Were Missed

When they came back, it was without fans. We could only watch them on television.

For some teams, that really put them in an awkward position. They were used to that home-field advantage. For some teams, it is like having an extra player on the field.

The games were really missing that fan piece to the puzzle.

Welcome Back

It has been a slow process but some teams are allowed to have fans. It might only be a restricted number but it really does make a difference.

Even in Chicago, the Bulls and Blackhawks will be opening their doors to fans in the near future. The Cubs and White Sox have been doing it all season.

Chicago Blackhawks

The Hawks are definitely one of those teams at a disadvantage with no fans in the stands. Those loud crowds make a huge difference.

Having an empty stadium has not only changed the game but also many of the longstanding traditions.

National Anthem

It is one of the most famous National Anthems in all sports if not the world. During the singing, the fans cheer and they cheer loud. To the point, that it is hard to hear the song if you are in the building.

Here is a great example of what Chicago fans can do.

Video: US National Anthem drowned out by cheers at 91 NHL All-Star Game

That is pretty darn impressive.

This Season

The Blackhawks knew they would not be able to continue that tradition as normal, so they came up with a plan. To get the fans involved, they requested them to send in video footage of cheering for the team during the Anthem.

Then the team inserted the fan film into the playing of the National Anthem during the pregame. Of course, it is not the same as being there live but it was still a great idea.

Check it out for yourself.

Video: Jim Cornelison sings the USA National Anthem at the Blackhawks Game (2021)

Include The Pets

This promotion was working so well, they decided to take it to the next level. Since everyone is watching the game at home. They are hanging out with their pets while cheering for the Hawks. They have now asked the fans to include their pets in the submitted videos. It is awesome.

Here is a recent one.


The season is quickly coming to an end, so make sure you get those videos in soon before it is too late. Oh and by the way, do not forget to include your pets.

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