The Chicago Blackhawks have had a rough season on (and off) the ice. However, this is one of the coolest things Blackhawks related in quite some time.


Just a couple of days ago, Nate Baranowski unveiled his latest piece of 3D art and this time it was inside the United Center.

Sure, the Blackhawks lost the game 4-0 but the fans definitely won if they managed to snag a pic of themselves dropping a virtual puck.

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Fan response ranged from "amazing," to "magnificent," "crazy," and "freakin ridiculous."

This is just another astounding piece of art from Baranowski that has dazzled the eyes and tricked the mind.

It appears some of his art was on display at the EPCOT center.

There are also other pieces featuring holiday mainstays.

Promoting new movies, like Eternals.

While scrolling, the thing that kept popping into my mind was "How does he do it?"

It looks so simple but I'm almost certain it is not.

Fans of Baranowski's Instagram are just as in awe as I am when looking at some of his work.

thomasmarkz commented on Frozen chalk art piece mentioning:

You ever say to yourself...'Wow, not even God could do what I do.'??

Baranowski isn't the only 3D artist on the planet but he might arguably be one of the best.

Do you know of any other artists who create 3D art? We'd love to profile some of their incredible work.

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