I heard this news and thought, "No pucking way!", but it's true. One of the greatest professional hockey players and former Chicago Blackhawks will be in Rockford for an autograph signing. On top of that, it's happening at a place I would have never guessed.

The Golden Jet, Bobby Hull, who once launched a puck over 115 miles per hour, will be in Rockford Friday evening. The hockey Hall-of-Famer will be signing all memorabilia for fans at John's Restaurant in Rockford. The event, scheduled for Sunday, May 23 from 4-8 pm, is free, kind of.

Though there won't be a charge to attend this autograph signing, getting his John Hancock in person does come at a cost.

If you want to get small items signed or snag an autographed 11x14 "Hall of Fame 1983" inscribed photo it will run you $40.

Large items such as jerseys, sticks, equipment, photos 16x20 and larger, etc. with "HOF 1983" inscription will run you $65.00.

Getting a "Golden Jet" on your item is an additional $10.00.

We will have special deals on Bobby Hull's pre-signed memorabilia available that afternoon also! Items include pucks, unique photographs, trading cards, jerseys, sticks, and more!

There's an important note that face masks will be required, according to the event post on Facebook. Also, following further safety guidelines, social distancing will be enforced for this event so be patient and be kind. Oh, and wash your hands before approaching The Golden Jet.

Bobby Hull has visited Rockford a few times in the past but we're glad he coming through again.

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