With Star Wars:The Force Awakens still climbing high in the box office, all attention is turning to the next movie, the pre-quel, about Han Solo.

The big question is who will play him? Well, this guy is a dead ringer for the part.


Check it out!

Wow! Isn't that awesome. He is dead on with those oh so familiar Han Solo lines from the first Star Wars film. He even has the mannerisms down. He's Han Solo's Doppelganger as far as I'm concerned.

The actor, Anthony Ingruber, is getting a lot of attention,according to Movie Pilot, from fans wanting, hoping and wishing that Disney will select him as the one to fill the iconic role of Han Solo. (To read all about it, click here.)

Now Anthony Ingruber may look familiar to you. Why you might ask? Well he has already has worked with Harrison Ford, the real Han Solo, playing a younger version of Harrison Ford's character in the movie "Age of Adaline".

Well to me I think the decision is pretty simple. Disney hire Anthony Ingruber for your next Star Wars installment. It's a no brainer. Am I right?


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