How about this for an anniversary? Al Capone was arrested in Joliet on December 16, 1927, almost a century ago. So much time has passed but almost certainly, we've all at least heard the name, Al Capone. So, how did the arrest go down? Joliet Police Department gave us a little history lesson.

Apparently, Big Al (one of his nicknames) hopped on a train from California to get back to Illinois. Joliet Police Department caught word of this in a tweet (just kidding) and had officers ready and waiting for Capone's arrival. Upon arrival and while stepping off the train, officers arrested "The Big Fella" (another nicknamed), along with his six bodyguards. All of the men were carrying firearms. So what happens next? A slap on the wrist, basically.

According to Joliet Police Department's Facebook flashback, Al Capone and four of his henchmen pleaded guilty and were fined $2,600, which would be about $38,000 today. Capone also got a little talkin' to from the judge. Capone responded with this,

It certainly will be a lesson not to carry guns in Joliet, I'll say that.

Joilet Police Department also shared an image of his fingerprints.

Joliet Police Department
Joliet Police Department

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