If you love eating good burgers.

Then you need to try this Chicago burger as it's been crowned as one of the best for 2017.

WGN reports that the "Dirty Burg" from The Loyalist in Chicago was crowned as one of the best burgers for this year.

Bon Apetite magazine named the "Dirty Burg" as one of the three best burgers for 2017. It's a burger you just gotta try.

The Dirty Burg is a juicy burger "[that] boasts a short rib, chuck, and ground bacon patty; housemade pickles; American cheese; onions; and onion-infused mayo." 

Mmmm... That sounds so delicious.

Here's what it looks like.


Here's their bragging right post from booting Chicago's Au Chevel's burger from the top spot.


Thanks @philvettel @chitribfood 🔥. It’s getting hot in here!


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Ok yeah I can see why this was picked. they earned this bragging right.

To learn more about The Loyalist restaurant, click here.



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