Do you buy soaps and body washes labeled "antibacterial"? If you’re like me, you’re thinking that these products will keep you clean, and reduce your risk of getting sick or passing on germs. Not necessarily.

According to experts at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), there currently is no evidence that over-the-counter antibacterial soap products are any more effective at preventing illness than washing with plain soap and water.

So if you have to mix “soap” with water, it generally doesn’t prevent you from getting sick. Explains why most of us at Q98.5 got sick this past month.

However, when it comes to hand sanitizers, hand wipes or antibacterial soaps that are used in health care settings such as hospitals, those are full strength and do indeed kill germs.

Hint- Next time you wash with a “soap” agent, wash your hands for 20 to 30 seconds.

Studies show the average person washes his or her hands for a total of 6 seconds.

Pass the hand sanitizer please…