Did you know there's right way and wrong way to pour your beer?

Have you ever poured your beer and then got a stomach ache? Well that's because, according to Daily Mail, you're doing it wrong.

What? Yep I'm not kidding,

If you've been tilting the glass and pouring your beer slowly to avoid foam, you are doing wrong.

You actually want the foam. Wait it almost blows up over the glass.. doesn't matter, that foam is good for you.

Avoiding it, according to this article, means that you're trapping the "carbon dioxide [in the beer] and that goes straight into your stomach, leaving you feeling bloated."

AND.." things get worse if you pair your beer with a snack."


Well "as soon as the food goes into your stomach and disturbs the liquid it will start releasing the CO2 and making you feel even more full and uncomfortable."

Apparently when you trap the carbon dioxide in your beer it will then expand "2.5 times the volume of beer you've drunk can be released in your stomach because it hasn't happened in the glass during pouring."

Wow! Holy Cow. Ouch!

So how do you pour the perfect beer?

"You are to tilt the glass and pour with vigor, even if you're left with a significant head."

So the moral of the story is, the more foam on the beer the better it is for you.



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