Warning: You may never unsee this, which is the case for me and won't be changing anytime soon.

My daily trip always takes me across me over the newly constructed Bypass 20 bridge over South Main in Rockford. And, it will not matter how which route I take because the "City of Rockford" engraving will always cross my mind.

You see, I live in Byron and will for the foreseeable future. This means unless I completely avoid the bypass's bridge over S. Main this will continue to be a part of my commute for years to come. Even opting to not take the off-ramp won't be enough to avoid the mental perplexity.

I can not be the only person who has looked at both sides of this bridge and wondered, "whose fault is it?" Someone must be held accountable for this colossal error or, at least, explain what the heck happened.

Exhibit A.

Townsquare Media

This is a view of the Bypass 20 bridge over South Main Street, in Rockford, for drivers traveling northbound. Notice the center pier (or column? ) and the CIty of Rockford engraving? It isn't centered. Even the f in "of" and r in "Rockford" aren't centered. Wait until you see the other side.

Exhibit B.

Townsquare Media

This is the southbound view for drivers traveling in the direction of the Bypass 20 bridge over South Main Street, in Rockford. In this photo (which has been adjusted because of the shadow related to the sun's direction) the City of Rockford engraving is nowhere close to being center. Its location isn't even close to making any sense, to be frank.

For comparison, let's look at these photos in collage form.

Exhibit C.

Townsquare Media


This is clearly a human error of sorts. However the mistake occurred, someone owes us an explanation.

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