Throughout the years, Hollywood has created great movies about a profession we all admire, firefighters.

The Resole America website compiled the numbers and box office receipts of movies about firefighters throughout the years and came up with a list of the most successful movies to hit the silver screen over the years.

These movies had a ton of star power including:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Richard Dreyfuss
  • John Goodman
  • Dennis Quaid
  • John Travolta
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • Kurt Russell
  • Robert DeNiro

Let's take a trip back in time and check out the list.

The Top 5 grossing movies about firefighters

5. Collateral Damage (2002): grossed $40,077,257 at the box office

Schwarzenegger plays the part of Los Angeles firefighter Gordon Brewer, a who was injured in a terrorist attack that killed his wife and son.

4. Always (1989): Grossed $43,858,790 at the box office

This movie was actually a remake of the 1943 film "A Guy Named Joe". The film stars Richard Dreyfuss as Pete Sandich, a daredevil pilot who specializes in putting out forest fires. John Goodman also stars.

3 Frequency (2000): Grossed $45,010,278 at the box office

The movie stars Dennis Quaid and James Aviezel as Frank and John Sullivan. Frank is a , a firefighter father and his son is a cop who talk to each other in different times though a shortwave radio

Garth Brooks fans will note the song played during the closing credits is his2000 Hit "When you Come back to Me"

2. Ladder 49 (2004): $74,541,707 at the box office

This movie starring John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix inspired a lot of kids to be a fireman after watching it. Wikipedia says the the film is about

the heroics of fictional Baltimore firefighter Jack Morrison, who is trapped inside a warehouse fire, and his recollection of the events that got him to that point. The movie is a celebration of the firefighting profession and the lifestyle associated with it.

1. Backdraft (1991): $77,868,585 at the box office ($150 million dollars combined US and Foreign) overseas theaters.

Backdraft was directed by Ron Howard stars Kurt Russell and Robert De Niro who play Chicago firefighters hunting a serial arsonist.

This weekend. pop in your DVD of one of these awesome firefighter movies, grab some popcorn and a beverage, and you'll have a great night.

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